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The Phoenix School

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The school aims at not only imparting quality education but also nurturing students to be imbued with a deep sense of noble virtues and everopen to further growth. The School Society endeavours to create a healthy- environment and provide a morally sound atmosphere for balanced development of the child. For which Saturdays will utilized as an Activity Days to identify the hidden talent of the child which can be nourished.

At The Phoenix we believe :

  • That every student can learn.

  • That every person who interacts with a student is a teacher.

  • That the foremost responsibility for pedagogical decisions lies with individual teachers.

  • That all teachers should have the necessary resources for implementing the curriculum.

  • That parent partnerships are an essential component in the pursuit of academic and social development.

  • That we must encourage students to learn about learning and to form their own beliefs in a search for intellectual autonomy.

  • That the exploration of the arts and exposure to athletics are essential components in the development of independent, curious, and critical thinkers.

  • That we must impart to our students a sense of moral responsibility for their thoughts and actions in the hope that they will strive to become citizens, tolerant of the differences in the world that they will inherit.

Our Mission

We are in the century of Knowledge Revolution and our country is fast emerging as a knowledge super power. Our children are the torch bearers of this emerging knowledge era. Though all children are born equal with a wide array of mental capacities, our education system has been segregating them on the basis of only one criterion ;Marks.

At The Phoenix, we endeavour to follow the principle of ’Each one to one’s peak’. Following internationally researched and tested models of assessment and teaching, in association with various international organizations that focus on holistic education, we focus on education that identifies, stimulates and hones all the mental skills of each student in an individualized system. Through this unique system we strive to take every student to his maximal performance level.


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News & Updates

Result declaration of SA-II,2016 ON 27 March 2016 at 10:00am Commencement of new session on 4th , April 2016

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