The Phoenix School

Phoniex Mission

We are in the century of Knowledge Revolution and our country is fast emerging as a knowledge super power. Our children are the torch bearers of this emerging knowledge era. Though all children are born equal with a wide array of mental capacities, our education system has been segregating them on the basis of only one criterion ;Marks.

At The Phoenix, we endeavour to follow the principle of ’Each one to one’s peak’. Following internationally researched and tested models of assessment and teaching, in association with various international organizations that focus on holistic education, we focus on education that identifies, stimulates and hones all the mental skills of each student in an individualized system. Through this unique system we strive to take every student to his maximal performance level.

Swami Vivekananda said, ’Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man’. We help that perfection manifest itself fully through a wholesome academic environment.

We make the better best, like all schools, but we will also strive to make the below-average, average and the average, above average. We aim to do this not just by drilling the pupil with tuition and repetitive lessons, but through scientific methods of intervention that will identify and correct the speed breakers that the student encounters on his way to entering the knowledge super highway that is the tomorrow of his and this country.

Marks are just an indicator of a narrow repertoire of mental functions such as comprehension, memory, recall and reproduction. Any small lag in these few mental functions affects the ‘marks’ and the child is termed poor performer, Average student or dull.

Come take our assessment interview (not our entrance exam) and join us in your child’s journey towards a new way of practical learning and living.

We, at Phoenix have involved ourselves in sports & pledge to spread harmony and friendship through SPORTS. The school is conscious about making the new generation good human beings and responsible citizens. The spirit of lending a helping hand is imbibed in the students.

The sole objective of the School is to provide quality education. This is accentuated by the fact that it is seeking affiliation to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi and presently it is under approval of CBSE. The School has well equipped laboratories for Languages, Social Studies, Math & Computers. A well-stocked library is at the disposal of the Teachers and Students.