Our Ethos

Thinking as Parents, We know what we look for in a school: excellent teaching, in the right disciplinary, intellectually challenging and synesthetically planned atmosphere. As Management of The Phoenix School, that is our ideal for your child. lar foundation, is our Indian ethos. Academically we have a good track record of nurturing young men and women to fulfill their potential, from the high flyer to the struggling. And we are strong in the sporting and cultural co-curricular activities that develop the whole person.

Founded as a fully co-educational school, we are sensitive to the intellectual needs of boys and girls as they go through adolescence, providing the clear guidelines and support that developing young personalities need. As a day school, we work closely with you, the parents, so that our students’ family and school lives are well-integrated and feed into one another.

Do come and visit us, and see what The Phoenix School can do for your child.
The Phoenix School’s Mission and Values

The Phoenix School is a Secular school, welcoming all. We are a place of learning and a community of Indian values. We work in partnership with parents to develop the talents and interests of all the young people entrusted to us. We aim to develop each individual pupil’s maximum potential, academically, personally and spiritually. We serve the wider community by making this education available to all, including those who cannot afford our fees, as far as we are able within our resources.
We aim to:

teach a wide and stimulating academic curriculum and obtain the best possible exam results to enable our students to achieve higher places

teach beyond exam syllabii to cultivate our students’ critical and creative faculties for their own sake

give Quality and Value based Education a central place in our curriculum and nourish our students’ spiritual life.

provide challenging and absorbing extra-curricular activities as an integral part of school life, with all our students and teachers involved

enable the development of individual excellence and the enjoyment of all in Sport and Outdoor Pursuits

have a rich cultural life in which the Arts, Music and Drama flourish

expect high standards of behaviour, manners and dress and enforce them by means of a fair code of conduct