Basic & General Rules

  • Every student should be cleanly & neatly dressed for school. The complete school uniform with I-card
    must be worn on all working days.
  • On the day of PTM, every student is expected to come in the school uniform with I-Card.
  • No student is allowed to sit in the class during class assembly/general assembly/on the day of Havan.
    Defaulters will be strictly dealt with.
  • Changing of classrooms between periods, going for P.T. or other activities must be done in complete
    silence and in a single line. Remember you will be escorted by your teachers in such periods.
  • The students will be allowed to move out of the class only if he/she carries Class Pass/Teacher Slip.
  • You must carry the written slip issued by the teacher if you have been called by any other teacher during
    the period.
  • You will be allowed to go for practice only if your name is written in the list of participants
  1. Be proactive in promoting and working towards making school a positive, supportive, safe and welcoming place for all students and teachers.
  2. Be respectful and courteous to fellow-students’ parents, guardians and teaching and non-teaching staff.
  3. Be knowledgeable about discipline policies regulations and rules.
  4. Follow school rules and contribute to a positive school climate by behaving appropriately even when not specifically asked to do so.
  5. Make every reasonable effort to participate actively in the activities of the school.
  6. Recognize how their conduct affects other students and school as a whole and make every effort to restore relationship affected by their conduct.
  7. Share ideas and strategies for improving school climate and school discipline practices.

General Rules and regulations:

  • Students should treat school staff with respect at all times and be courteous to fellow students.
  • Students will refrain from damaging any form of school property. The school reserves the right to be compensated by the student for any such damages.
  • Students will refrain from littering and keep the school premises clean.
  • Unacceptable behaviour including but not limited to irregular attendance, academic dishonesty, and neglect of homework, disruptive behaviour, loitering and disrespectful behaviour towards staff or fellow students will result in serious disciplinary action.
  • Any form of bullying or ragging will result in a disciplinary committee review and could result in expulsion with a negative conduct certificate.
  • Any misbehaviour or violation of school discipline will be dealt by the disciplinary committee and corrective action will be taken. In extreme cases parents will be called in to discuss the child’s behaviour and may lead to suspension or expulsion from the school.
  • The medium of instruction is English and students are expected to communicate in English at all times.
  • It is compulsory to bring the school issued ID card to school every day. Not bringing the ID card could result in the child not being allowed into the school premises.
  • For safety and security, parents should refrain from sending money with their child without specific written notice from the school.
  • For safety and security, parents should refrain from sending valuables (like expensive jewellery, electronic items, etc.) to school